The treasure sprint just ended. Get ready for the marathon.
Countdown Until the Next Adventure

*Could happen sooner or later. But this is the goal.

Third Annual Treasure Hunt

Well friends, it took just 8 days. We hid $20,000 somewhere along the Wasatch front and it only took 8 days to be found. We tried to make it more difficult this year, but like always, you made quick work of our poem and clues. John called me early on the morning of Saturday June 11th with news it had been found and we hurried up to the trail. We will do a whole reveal when we get a minute but if you did some research, Ben Lomond means “Beacon Mountain” in Scottish. Think how they would send a warning.

Huge congratulations to Mike, Rachelle and and Bryce. A married couple and a brother-in-law. Maybe this team structure is the secret because I believe the winners of the QR Hunt last fall was the same. A married couple and a brother-in-law. After talking to them when they came down the trail we discovered a little about them. They are from Kaysville and Herriman. They got up at 4am to see if their theory was correct. Because of some construction on the road, they had to start a mile farther down the canyon but it all paid off when they found the chest.

A few things to remember:

  1. We picked this year’s location with safety in mind. You follow a trail almost the entire way there. Once you step off the trail, it’s not dangerous whatsoever. (This is probably a good 1st clue btw) No rock climbing, mountain goating, crazy bush wacking, or digging is necessary at all.
  2. This community has been amazing. But we want to remind everyone to treat the mountains and trails with the utmost respect and love. We are incredibly blessed to have some of the most beautiful mountains in the world right in our own backyard. Leave them cleaner than you found them.
  3. Remember to take enough water and sunscreen with you. The summer is going to be hot so take care of yourselves. For more safety info Click Here.
  4. Last year a lot of groups spotted rattle snakes so be on alert for wildlife.
  5. Just reading this back and I sound like the guy who writes warning labels like “Don’t iron your shirt while wearing your shirt.” I must be getting old. But we love you guys and want everyone to stay safe and have fun.

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Introducing Treasure Quest

While we wait for the next big hunt, John and I have created what we are calling Treasure Quest. Sometime in the summer, ten teams will compete for $20,000 over the course of a few grueling days. It will be intense and epic. To become one of the ten teams you must win a side quest. Side quests are little contests that normally take no more than one day. We randomly announce them mostly through Instagram so make sure to follow closely. Like everything we do, it’s free and open for anybody.

The 10 Teams Competing in Treasure Quest




La Chappelle




Lost Sheep

Roblox Hunt


7 Everyday Moms

Easter Egg Hunt



Easter Egg Hunt (2)



High 5



High 5 (2)

Side Quest #1 Winner


Side Quest #1 was a classic cipher. By decoding the cipher above correctly would get a phone number. When you called the phone number you received the riddle. When you solved the riddle, it would take you to a book store in the South Towne Mall where a specific book was marked with a wax seal. First one to find the book wins. Huge congrats to team La Chapelle. They are the first team locked in for the summer.

Side Quest #2

Side Quest #2 happened inside a virtual world John and I created in Roblox. It was a classic treasure hunt and was epic. The first person to find the chest and send us a screen shot of their avatar with it won. There were are also 5 golden statues hidden throughout the map. Just under 2k participants jumped in to search. Big gangs of Roblox players came in without knowing about the treasure hunt and were killing everybody while we tried to ban them as fast it possible. It was awesome. The map is still live if you want to wander around and explore. Maybe we’ll see you in there.

Side Quest #3

Side Quest #3 was an Easter egg hunt along the Jordan River Trail between 48th S & 90th S. It was meant to be until 106th S but communications got mixed up so a section of trail got double covered with eggs. There were 2 winning eggs so big congratulations to the two winners. It was a treat to meet so many of you on the trail. We hope everyone who participated had fun.

Side Quest #5

For Side Quest #5 I had an idea that was a little more high adventure. The first person to give John a high 5 wins. For someone to do that though, they would need to figure out where we were, hike up to us, and then rappel halfway down a cliff where John was waiting on another rope. 1st and 2nd place were so close we decided they both won. Congrats to them. We’ll see them again later this year.