2020 Treasure Hunt

2020 marked the year of the first public treasure hunt we held. When I told my wife that I wanted to bury $5,000 in the mountains to her credit, she didn’t say no. She just said I needed to find someone dumb enough to partner with. As I thought about all my friends and acquaintances, Mr. John Maxim was the only friend I could think of crazy enough to bury money in the mountains with me and thus the annual Utah treasure hunt was born.

On the way down the trail after hiding the chest, we joked that in a month or so, we would have to return and dig it up ourselves because no one would care. Little did we know the response awaiting us and the chest was found in only 4 days.

The 2020 Winner

John and I completely underestimated the response, dedication and talent of the community and Cameron Brunt made quick work of our poem and was the winner of the 2020 treasure hunt. After Cameron found it, he called me on Facebook and told me the entire canyon was crawling with treasure hunters. The trailhead parking lot was full, the overflow parking along the street was full and the church parking lot across the street was full. Everyone knew the treasure was hidden somewhere up that canyon.

When we released the poem on social media, within one hour, there were already various groups of hunters within 100 feet of the chest’s location. We learned our lesson that first year and vowed never to underestimate this community again.

After successfully locating the chest and tending to some sunburns, Cameron made a fantastic video documenting his solve, and his journey. Take a quick look.

ABC4 interviewed Cameron and wrote a great article about his story.

The Solve

Fair warning to who wish embark, the journey for those faint of heart

This was a general warning/disclaimer that the hike to get to the chest is a little tough.

Take the course from which is named, the entire regal mountain range

This clue was way too easy. When I wrote this line, I meant to take Wasatch Blvd named after the Wasatch Mountains. The Rocky Mountains would also work because the trail name is Rocky Mouth.

Begin your walk where birds look on, you’ll enter the way before too long

The name of the street off of Wasatch Blvd where the trailhead is located is called Eagle View Drive. Where birds look on. You walk along Eagle View Drive before arriving to the trail after a short walk.

Catch your breath where water flows, from here on in your things be stowed

It’s a short steep hike up to the waterfall where most people stop. There is a steep wash on the left side of the waterfall.

You’ll slip and slide because it’s steep, but the view on top cause some to weep

The wash is composed of loose dirt and gravel. It’s steep. Near the top, there is a trail that goes to the overlook.

Follow sounds of mountain streams, through the grove where sunlight gleams

From the overlook, climb back down to the stream and follow it through the grove of trees.

Climb the rocks where fortunes made, and find the chest inside the cave

Soon you will come to a boulder field, climb about halfway up and the cave is just to the east.