Utah Treasure Hunts started in 2020 when everyone was locked down in their homes. We wanted to do something fun that would give everyone a safe way to get outside with family and friends.

Because of the amazing response of the community, it has evolved into something more. We’re not quite sure what that looks like because we’re just trying to keep up. If we could have it our way though, we would love to be the ambassadors of awesome. Organizing fun, family friendly events that inspire the mind, invigorate the body and refresh the soul.


After 17 days, the Second Annual Utah Treasure Hunt has ended. Countless miles were hiked. Endless trails were explored. Many pounds were loss in the heat. (The record for this hunt was 16 pounds. Nice work!)

In the end, Andy Swanger located the chest up Heughs Canyon on the morning of July 5th. We were lucky enough to meet him at the trailhead surrounded by an entourage of fellow treasure hunters and his cute young family. Big congratulations to them and we wish them the best. Check out the solve to the poem by clicking HERE.

It was so fun to join many of you on your adventures through the power of social media. So many of you took amazing photographs of beautiful vistas and tunnels of emerald green. The most pictures we saw though was of rock bears. So much so in fact, we made a gallery of some of them.

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