There is time for one last summer family adventure.
Countdown Until the Jr Hunt Begins

*Could happen sooner or later. But this is the goal.

The First Clue

For all of our friends who are late to this hunt. This is the clue that everyone else got in the mail. Good luck and have fun!

Utah Treasure Hunt Logo

We want to welcome you to this exciting quest
But now it’s time to be put to the test
To solve the next clue you’ll have to tread
Through the pages of a book we hope you’ve all read
A magical tale of castles and potions
Flying on brooms and a stone’s locomotion


Password for QR Code (75-14-5)

Baby Hike

Welcome to the Jr Treasure Hunt

We have loved getting to know so many of you and have heard you loud and clear. A lot of families have asked us if we would ever consider doing a treasure hunt for kids. We have been frantically trying to organize one before the next school year starts and are happy to announce that it is going to happen.

This treasure hunt is going to be a little different and we are excited to hear what you think. Instead of a poem leading to a chest hidden in the mountains, this hunt will require you to travel to multiple destinations around Salt Lake County as you work together to solve riddles and ciphers. We hope it can be a fun family adventure before the summer ends. Good luck! Stay safe!


  • Like everything we do, it is completely free to participate.
  • We organized this hunt with kids 16 and under in mind. It could be fun for anybody though.
  • The first clue is going to be physically mailed to each family.
  • To enter the hunt, make sure you fill out the form below. Double check the address is correct.
  • We are only going to mail one letter to each household so families with multiple children can share.
  • The first few groups to reach the end will receive a cash price but we want the focus to be on the experience.
  • Once the cash prizes have been claimed, think of a creative and fun prize your group can leave for the next group to reach the end.
  • This hunt is open to everybody but just know the entire thing happens in Salt Lake County. For all our friends living elsewhere.
  • Along the way you will need to be able to scan QR codes to get the next clue. So make sure at least one person in your group has the ability to do so.
  • Best place to stay up to date with news and hints is on Instagram. @The.Cline.Fam & @OntheJohn
  • Stay safe & Have fun! 
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