QR Code Hunt 20212022-04-12T21:49:36-07:00
The treasure sprint just ended. Get ready for the marathon.
Countdown Until the Next Adventure

*Could happen sooner or later. But this is the goal.

Chest has Been Found

On Sunday Morning Oct 31, the treasure chest was found by these guys. I honestly don’t even know their team name or individual names yet. We are excited to meet them though and discuss their solve. It sounds like even after deciphering the final clue hidden in the image, it still took 48 hours of searching until they finally found it.

Huge congratulations to them and a huge thank you to everyone who made this hunt so awesome. A ton of work went into making it  work smoothly and we hope in the very least, people had a great time. Until the next hunt.


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Rules & Info

  1. Like everything we do, it is completely free to participate for everyone.
  2. To maintain the integrity of the game, please avoid publicly sharing solved clues and locations of QR codes. Forming teams is more than welcome though.
  3. The leaderboard will be updated through your email address. So make sure to enter the same one at each stop along the way.
  4. Along the way you will need to be able to scan QR codes to get the next clue. So make sure at least one person in your group has the ability to do so.
  5. Don’t do anything illegal in your quest for clues. Also, please don’t sabotage the QR code for the teams behind you. Let’s keep it classy.
  6. Take a quick selfie at each QR location so it can be verified no shenanigans took place.
  7. For safety reasons and time of season, checkpoints will be at locations in and around civilization that are relatively easy to access. The bulk of the work will be done from the comfort of your own home as you solve each clue before venturing out hopefully knowing exactly where you need to go.
  8. Stay safe & Have fun!

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Huge shoutout to our sponsors

We were reluctant to bring on sponsors for these treasure hunts which is why we self funded the first two. We didn’t want to sacrifice control and let it turn into something lame. Thankfully we have some amazing friends with some amazing companies who reached out to us and said we could keep complete control, they just thought it was awesome and would love to contribute which made this entire hunt possible.

Wags Capital

Frequently Asked Questions

Each hunt we get 1000’s of DMs with similar questions. We will post the most common here.

Do I need to go anywhere I need to pay a fee to get in?2021-10-13T22:15:47-07:00

No. We never want anyone to have to pay extra for anything during a hunt.

Do I need to go on private property?2021-10-13T22:12:59-07:00

Unless we give you a specific address, no. No QR codes will be on private property.

Can I pay you for an extra clue?2021-10-13T22:11:39-07:00

Tempting but no. We need to keep this as fair as possible for everyone!

What do the QR codes look like? What am I looking for?2021-10-08T21:40:45-07:00

How much money is on the line this hunt?2021-10-08T20:57:18-07:00

$20,000. The first individual or group to reach the end will get $20,000.

Where can I get hints if I get stuck?2021-10-08T20:56:07-07:00

We will be releasing weekly hints via email. We will also release random hints via Instagram. We won’t give any hints individually via DM’s to keep it as fair as possible.

How many total QR codes are there?2021-10-08T20:45:12-07:00

We aren’t releasing this information publicly just yet.


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